Offer - Wedding

Element Price (PLN incl. VAT)
Bride's prepariation 250
Bride's prepariation (since the beginning of the day) 500
Groom's preparation 250
Groom's preparation (since the beginning of the day) 500
Blessing 250
Church wedding ceremony 800
Civil wedding ceremony 600
Wedding reception (2h) 500
Wedding reception (4h) 700
Wedding reception till 1 a.m. 900
Outdoor session (2h, one place) 600
Outdoor session (5h, 3 places) 900
Whole day outdoor session in the country 1300
Abroad whole day outdoor session* 2000
Engagement outdoor session** 700

* Abroad session can take up to 2 days. Travel and accommodation costs are not included.

** In case of choosing whole package (at least wedding ceremony, wedding reception and outdoor session on a different day) - engagement session is free.

For sessions more than 30 kilometers away from Warsaw please add 1 PLN for every additional kilometer.